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Awakening Orgonite Bracelets Collection!

HARMONY & BALANCE PROMOTER - Each Bracelet Is Hand-Crafted With Love & Positive Vibes They Generate Optimal Levels Of Orgone Energy.

EMF PROTECTION - We are surrounded by an ocean of electromagnetic frequencies (Cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G, radio-waves, etc.) that have a harmful effect on our Health and our Body's own Natural Energy Field. Enhances the body's natural defenses against the damaging radiation coming from all EMF devices. These energy generators will Transmute Negative Orgone Energy aka Stagnant Energy & harmful EMF's into Positive Orgone Energy! Similar to the Energy of Nature (Forests) known as Life Force Energy, Chi, Prana, Spirit, Source, Universal Energy, etc..

SELF-CONFIDENCE BOOSTER – Awakening Orgonite Bracelets, will help raise your Vibration, strengthen the body's bio-field, increase mental & physical vitality throughout your day. 

BOOSTS CHAKRAS - Each of our Orgonite Devices are made with different Genuine Crystals giving our Pyramids more Energy! These Raw Crystals, also aid in Healing & Awakening your Chakras. This also helps your ability to connect with your spirit guides so you can Serve Your Purpose on Earth & Discover Your Life Mission.

GREAT GIFT DESIGNED TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION - Directs your Life force energy to increases personal power and physical energy, bringing you courage, compassion and a boost in creativity. Gift yourself, your friends, your home, your workplace with this Positive Orgone Energy for a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilled life.

Made using Orgone Technology (50/50) Ratio of Organic and In-Organic Material. The Metaphysical Effects of Crystals we have added to the Orgone device will be Amplified. 

1 Year Manufacturer`s Limited Warranty! 

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Natural Stone Tiger Eye 7 Chakra...

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Orgonite Natural Aura Crystal Bracelet

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