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Awakening The Power Of 3

The Power of 3

Once we understand the power of 3 we can become like our creator, aka GOD

The secrets of the universe, seem to be hidden in the number 3. 

Various cultures around the world share, the beliefs that the number 3 is sacred, divine, mystical and important.

The number 3 is seen in architecture around the world, including ancient wonders of the world.

We see it going back to the ancient history of earth.

Throughout Human history the number 3 has a unique meaning.

We have a Past, Present and Future.

Jesus in the Tomb for 3 days.

Giza Pyramids the simplest most geometric form.

Everything in the Universe has a 3 part structure...

Stonehenge, Avebury...Geometry of 3's

Isaac Newton, the 3 laws of motion.

Emerald tablets, the secrets of the universe, contained ancient wisdom. transmutation, the secrets of longevity and the cosmos. found in the great pyramids?

Master of life, master of death, supernatural being.

Ancient Egypt, Thoth landed to Teach.

Key to Immortality?

Lidder Valley, in this cave the secrets were revealed.

Renewal, growth and destructive energy.

Will, action and knowledge.

You can see things with the 3rd eye, clear and universal communication and everyone.

Spiritual beliefs in the middle of the forehead, it is the center of spiritual power. aka supernatural power.

Function is to release melatonin, symmetrical structure in the center of the brain. 

Mystery gland, related to enlightenment. 

See things that you would not normally see, beyond our physical eyes. (astral travel)

Connecting with our higher selves, or extraterrestrial entities.

Bridge or worm hole inside our head, star gate built right in.

Why we are so different than ever other creature on earth, could link to the pineal gland?

Triads, Trios, Trinities, Triforces....

Cologne Germany, Gothic cathedral...the 3 wise men, came from the east. Loved the stars, Tradition.

Were led to Jesus and actually had a light shining down on him.

Gold, Frankincense, Mind expansion.

Our DNA blueprint, Consists of 3 molecule combinations.

Clusters of 3, within our DNA language.

The ultimate proof of our history will come from our DNA. 

3 states of being, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. AKA The holy Trinity.

God and Man as One.

We see 3's everywhere, its presented in plain sight....


What are we missing?

Curious as Iam?

Awaken The Aesthetic Version of Yourself & Inspire Others


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