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Crystals For A Chakra Awakening, Health, Healing and Happiness

Red Jasper - Root/Base

Jasper has a long history, having been used to make amulets and ornaments for many centuries.  Red Jasper is very common.  When broken and recrystallized with more quartz solution it resembles a mosaic.  

Healing Functions

Gently grounds (especially the red and brown varieties); Helps to focus on the practicalities of life; Encourages enthusiasm and drive; Acts as a steadying anchor when psychic work is undertaken; Nurtures any damaged areas of the body, aiding recovery and repair.


To experience the healing qualities of jasper, place one yellow jasper at the center of the forehead, one yellow jasper between the heart and throat, one red jasper by each ear; on red jasper at the heart, and one green jasper in each hand.

Alternate Crystals/Stones

Iron quartz ~ has fewer color varieties and is often found as crystals
Dark carnelian ~ is richer in 


Carnelian - Sacral

Carnelian is an all round healing stone, gently warming and very stabilising.  Few stones are as accessible, as "friendly".  It works well with the sacral Chakra.  Some may find the energy of carnelian a little too strong.  The colour can be enhanced by gentle heat.  

Healing Functions

Releases stress and trauma; Enhances creativity; Repairs subtle bodies


To speed up healing processes, or to release streess or old trauma, place six carnelians in the following locations: at the throat; above the head; to each side of the body at the level of the sacral chakra; between the legs at mid-calf level; and between the ankles.  The effect is amplified if you lie on an orange cloth.  

Alternate Crystals/Stones

Sardonyx ~ resembles carnelian, although the orange is often interspersed with layers of white and grey
Dark Citrine ~ tumbled stones and orange aventurine


Citrine - Solar Plexus

Citrine is an uncommon variety of quartz that combines the bright clarify of quartz with the warm tones of sunlight.  Much of the citrine available today is derived from the far more common quartz amethyst, which turns golden yellow when subjected to heat.  

Healing Functions

Anchors and activates the lower Chakras; Is restful and warming; Boosts confidence and creates a sense of personal power; Provides a "sunny" energy to stimulate the mind the winter months


Use citrine and clear quartz in a layout to enhance communication, adaptability, mental energy and coordination / Lie down and place citrine at the solar plexus, pointing toward the feet / Put clear quartz on the arch of each foot and another above the crown of the head, all pointing upward / Hold citrine in each hand, with the points down the body / The process will be complete when you feel the need to move the stones away, or after ten minutes

Citrine and amethyst are complementary in color and work well together to bring ease, restfulness, balance of mind and optimism

Alternate Crystals/Stones

Amber ~ is much softer than citrine and has a slightly sticky feel
Calcite ~ is much softer than citrine


Aventurine - Heart

Aventurine can be bought as tumbled stones or rough lumps.  It is easily identifiable by its sparkly appearance.  Tumbled stones are paler with little play of light.  

Healing Functions

Calms the emotions; Encourages a positive outlook; Increases tranquility (particularly the blue aventurine); Green aventurine is one the best balances for the heart Chakra, and promotes spiritual growth and gratitude for what you have; Red/Brown aventurine brings happiness and relaxation


To stabilize the heart and open the heart, place an aventurine in the centre of the chest surrounded by four clear quartz (points facing outward.  If your emotions aare disturbed, please another aventurine at the base of the throat and a smoky quartz or another grounding stone below the feet.  

Alternate Crystals/Stones

Jade ~ has a less shiny lustre than green aventurine and does not sparkle
Emerald ~ can like green aventurine contain shiny mica, but has noticable crevice plains
Amazonite ~ has tones of green but does not glisten
Blue quartz ~ is similar to blue aventurine but with no sparkle


Kyanite - Throat

lade-like crystals which are glassy but opaque.  Delicate clusters need careful storage.  Thicker single crystals are quite sturdy.  

Healing Functions

Balances the whole being; Calms and releases blocked emotions; Brings tranquility and quietness; Aids meditation and access to al levels of awareness


Place crystal on any area of the body that feels over- or under-energised
Place crystal on forehead to quieten the mind and encourage clear thought

Alternate Crystals/Stones

Apatite ~ has a "crackled" translucent look
Indicolite ~ when of a gem quality is similar in colour but not as flat
Sapphire ~ crystals are harder and hexagonal


Sodalite - Third Eye

Generally seen as rich, royal blue shot through with white.  In healing, the stone is particularly effective at quietening and stablising, encouraging calmness on every level of being.

Healing Functions

Cleanses the lymphatic system, enhancing the immune system; Stablises emotions; Clarifies perception; Expands awareness during meditation; Encourages peace and contentment


Place sodalite at the brow, throat and sacral chakras to release subconscious blocks
Combine sodalite and malachite either at the area of the stress or at the throat and heart chakras, to ease a case of long-term discomfort

Alternate crystals/stones

Lapis lazuli ~ is a more intense, bright blue, and contains areas of white, rather than veining
Unlike sodalite, lapis lazuli contains pyrite
Dumortierite ~ is a duller violet-blue with speckles


Apophyllite - Crown

Clear brilliant pyramids can make an excellent focus for cleansing and renewal processes.  

Healing Functions

Gently cleanses mind and body; Helps to release feelings of insecurity and other emotions that are hard to handle; Two or more crystals are useful aids for meditation and encourage clarity of thought


Place apophyllite on the sacral chakra to full harness the crystal's cleaning effect
Position above the crown chakra to encourage subtle perception and inspirational thoughts
Place on brow to quieten thoughts and open awareness
Gaze into crystal to take you beyond normal awareness of time and space

Alternate crystals/stones

Clear Quartz 
~ six to point not four
Clear calcite ~ has a less brilliant lustre


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