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How to Harness your Inner Power as a Man

How to Harness your Inner Power as a Man with Daoist Semen Retention Practices

Channel your sexual power according to Daoist principles, and bring forth the healthy masculine.

The Chinese Daoist texts on sexology are one of the oldest in the world and speak of the importance of semen retention to obtain longevity. Since ancient times, Daoists have sought to tap into their sexual powers to increase physical health, refine the sexual impulse into a steady state of spiritual enlightenment, and elevate their levels of consciousness. 

Daoist Cultivation Practices are not limited to sexology; they also include Stillness Meditation, Internal Alchemy, Martial Arts, and Qigong. All of which are created to uphold the utmost respect for the laws of nature. To become a man of worth, to become the best version of yourself is one of the primary principles in Daoism. We also see these noble virtues reflected in their sexual cultivation practices, an almost forgotten art in our modern society.

The world needs Healthy Masculine examples.

As a man in this world, it is hard to find good examples of the masculine. We need the right model of healthy masculinity; this makes it possible for us to develop our values, morals, and virtues. Without a sound value system, we are lost and unable to discover what kind of man we are. Otherwise, society, trends, and popular thinking will shape us.

Sex and power have been corrupted for millennia — the greedy thirst for power fuels the need to dominate, which perverts sex in unspeakable ways. And vice versa, the addiction to sex has warped the meaning of power — all driven by deep underlying insecurity. As a result, glamour has perverted man’s journey in search of power. We live in a world where image trumps the value of one’s innate being, and mainstream examples of masculinity gain their control through fame, money, and sex.

Without an excellent masculine example, the majority of men unconsciously follow the pursuit of perverse power. Unfortunately, not without sacrifice. Consequently, we live abnormally stressful lives, and sex has become nothing more then a means to release tension — the effects of which are catastrophic to our health. The ancient Chinese have known for centuries that the quality and quantity of our sexual life-force significantly determines our physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. The real power we seek as men are being exploited, squandered, and depleted in a multitude of ways — leaving men sexually leaky, boundariless, and weak-willed. In our desperate attempt to gain influence and self-worth, we have become ignorant of the invaluable nature of our sexual essence.

Daoist Semen Retention, but what are you retaining?

Central to Daoist sexuality is the idea that for a man to keep his vitality; he must conserve his sexual essence, which the Chinese call Jing.

Jing is often called the Seed Of Life. Located in the lower abdomen, one of the primary energy centers in the body called a “Dan Tian” stores this vital essence. Jing is directly inherited from our parents at the point of conception and strengthened with the pure energy extracted from the food we eat. The Chinese see this vital force as a source of power; its quality and quantity determine a man’s sexual ability, spiritual perception, and emotional stability. These are abilities essential to the healthy masculine. 

Semen is a direct physical manifestation of Jing. A life-giving essence gifted from the heavens, treated with great reverence within the Daoist circles in China — a virtue that is worth your consideration.

Ancient Sex Magic – Daoist Non-Ejaculation Practices.

Frequent ejaculation depletes Jing. Many ancient Chinese texts speak of how the loss of Jing is not just detrimental to our overall health, but also over time snuffs out our fire for life.

Excessive ejaculation numbs the nervous system, making it hard to feel anything. In our modern society, however, to still feel any pleasure, a man will over time pursue harder impulses. Porn is the evil that feeds off this thirst. As a result of losing their life-force, many men end up in depression and experiencing anxiety on an existential level. 

By retaining semen, the abundant lifeforce can instead be directed upwards along the spine to the brain. There it can be transmuted and then lowered down to the Dan Tian where it nourishes the body and mind. When used correctly, sexual energy is life-giving by its nature; it can replenish your vital lifeforce and result in a deep embodiment of your healthy masculine expression.

Why should you consider semen retention?

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to create sperm; in Daoist theory, it is one of the main reasons why men live shorter lives on average than women. The ancient Chinese teach us that the production of sperm for creating life takes part of our own life with it. It suggests that lowering the number of ejaculations should result in you living longer. These are all valid reasons to practice semen retention. However, the benefits don’t stop there!

Recently a new semen retention movement by the name of “NOFAP” has been formed. They encourage men to quit porn and masturbation to conserve their semen as an attempt to attract “real women” and improve their overall quality of life. Many men of this specific movement have reported symptoms such as depression, low energy, anxiety, fear of women, and social awkwardness. But the benefits in which these men experienced were quite shocking. Western Medicine and Modern Psychology do not offer direct answers nor solutions according to their statistics.

Here is a list of benefits from the men participating in the semen retention movement:

  • Boosted self-confidence and courage.
  • Becoming more attractive to the opposite sex (charisma).
  • Increased energy levels, overall health, and physical strength.
  • Elevated mental clarity, awareness, and concentration.
  • Deeper groundedness, calmness, and significantly reduced anxiety.
  • Less depressed and happier.
  • Increased sexual stamina, harder erections, and loss of any erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • Controlled aggression.
  • Highly motivated to succeed.

Semen retention is not a way to tap into supernatural power, but a way to tap into your potential as a man as creation intended. The Daoist gained their wisdom through observing nature. They witnessed the males in the animal kingdom only use their semen to procreate during the mating season. Humans have lost touch with their environment to the extent we no longer have a mating season. Instead, we waste semen throughout the year driven by sexual frustration and addiction, unlike the rest of the species on our planet. Humankind is the superior race according to many, but I think we still have considerable room for improvement as a whole.

The Art of Sexual Transmutation and its dangers.

Unfortunately, there are many unsafe practices out there that use sexual lifeforce to induce quick results. As a Clinical Qigong Therapist, I have worked with hundreds of cases that involved using techniques in the wrong way. The refinement, cultivation, and transmutation of the sexual energies are potentially hazardous without proper guidance. There have been many reported Kundalini practitioners that have burned out their energy centers and pathways. To recover from this type of energetic damage can be a long road to recovery. 

To give you an example. One of my clients is a woman in her 60’s. She has an extensive background in many tantric practices and Kundalini Yoga. Like many, she also experienced what many call a Kundalini awakening. Unfortunately, it is attractive to arouse the inner fires in the mainstream tantric and yogic hypes. It is a cheap way to sell techniques that simulate higher states of consciousness. From a clinical Qigong and Daoist standpoint, this is a big no-no. After many decades of practice, she ended up with symptoms like extreme brain frog, an inability to gain control over her emotional life, and terrible finances. She also experienced symptoms that no other therapist was able to explain to origins of to her. These were symptoms like nerve pain in her lower back and legs, auto-immune signs, regular headaches, irregular heartbeat, and mood swings. Specifically, emotional mood swings experiencing deep bliss one moment and the next deep sorrow and pain.

After a complex diagnosis, I discovered that her primary way to arouse the Kundalini fires was to bring them up to brighten the mind as well as to reach higher states of consciousness. Although this sounds like a great immediate result, it has detrimental effects. From a Daoist perspective, these are no proper spiritual achievements, as she ended up burning some of the main meridians and damaging vital organs over long periods.

I suggested her to stop her practices immediately. And instead, focus on strengthening her etheric body with some simple yet very effective Qigong techniques that I tailored for her and her specific makeup. All of us are unique, and no approach can be generalized without negative impact. Her excessive use of upward movement caused the fragmentation from her spirit, so I had her focus on bringing the energy down instead. Although there was an immediate improvement, it took her two years to recover fully. Now, all of her symptoms are gone, her finances are stable, and she has rediscovered her connection to the divine.

A man’s journey is one in search of power.

Not through taking the superficial route by gaining more fame, money, and sex. But the spiritual path by building and sculpting an unwavering inner life. To be a stable provider, a loving partner, an anchor in the household, a beacon of light that commands healthy authority in all areas of life.



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